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No worries! This is super common especially for beginners. All you need to do is place your slime in a warm place and wait a few days. Your slime will melt back down over time.

In a hurry? If your slime doesn't contain any beads and isn't clear, lotion can also be a great quick fix!

Yes, handcrafted slime that is purchased online will have the chance of arriving sticky. There are so many reasons as to why this happens. It can vary based on weather/ temperature/ transit time and keep in mind, those are out of our control! This is why we provide borax with your order so you can make your own activator. Simply follow the directions on your slime care card that comes with every order.

Slime is a fantastic sensory object and doesn't have one "purpose". Slime has been proven to relax people since it triggers all of your senses when it's played with. It has also been proven to help people focus on tasks while fidgeting. Slime is for ALL AGES! <3

Most definitely as long as your order hasn't shipped yet! Email us ASAP INCLUDING your order number. Your order number will be in your confirmation email.

If your order has not shipped out yet, we would be more than happy to cancel your order and send out a refund! Email us ASAP INCLUDING your order number. Your order number will be in your confirmation email

All slimes will inflate a little bit with play. The more you play with a slime, the more air bubbles that get trapped inside (also why clear slimes eventually aren't clear!) You can place your slime in any airtight container or even use a sealed plastic baggie to store your slime temporarily. Once deflated, you can add your slime back into the original container.

Due to the hygienic nature of slime we do not offer returns, this is for our safety and yours. If you have any issues please email us at and we will do our best to help!

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